(Philippians 3:9b, 10a) “I consider them rubbish…. I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection…”

When Saint Paul was a Pharisee he put all of his confidence in his heritage (being a Jew), his zealous keeping of the law, his persecution of the Christian church, and in his own works.  But on the Road to Damascus the Lord changed all of that as he brought Paul to faith.

Now, after Paul’s conversion, Paul only had one goal – to know Christ.  He no longer cared about his earthly deeds, he no longer put any stock into his heritage or in his zealous keeping of the law.  Why?  Because now he knew those deeds, when it came to his eternal salvation, were “rubbish” – they were garbage.  And so instead of trying to win heaven through his works, Paul now only had one goal – to know Christ and his resurrection!

And in this crazy, materialistic, works based world in which we live this is our goal too!  To know Christ and his resurrection!  There is nothing more important than this knowledge – no amount of money, no job, no sports team, no man or woman.  Compared to knowing Jesus and what he has done for us everything else is rubbish.  When we remember Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf all of our worries, stresses, cares, hardships, and troubles fade into the background when we see that Jesus has risen from the grave for you and me to give us eternal life in heaven!

And so daily we strive to continue to know Christ better.  We read his word, come to Bible Class and church so that we can know Him and what He has done for us because there is no greater knowledge than that!

Wanting to know Christ better and better, just like you,

Pastor Schumann