Happy Silent Wednesday!

That’s what this day of Holy Week – the week in which we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus – is often called.

Why the peculiar name?  The Bible packs in information about every other day of this week (for instance, details about Tuesday are found in 6 chapters [21-26] of the book Matthew!).   But nothing is said about Wednesday.  It is “silent” on what Jesus did or said on that day.

We don’t know why the Bible is silent about that day.  But for me personally, it feels like the calm before a storm.

How so?   Jesus will walk into a storm of betrayal and agony when He is arrested on Thursday night.  He will face the raging storms of God’s wrath and hell when He suffers on the cross on Friday.

But what comes after a storm?  Silence.  Only a different silence than the silence before a storm.  The post storm silence is full of peace and tranquility as the bad weather is past.

That peaceful silence – a silencing of our guilt and sin and fears – comes on Sunday when Jesus rises from the dead.  On that day we need not be silent, but can shout with joy “He is risen!  He is risen indeed!”

You may feel some strong winds raging and difficult storms swirling in your life right now.  Your emotions might feel turbulent and unstable.  Your problems might seem like loud thunder all around.  But even in your life’s most difficult storms, know this:  the Savior that went through hell to win you heaven will stay with you during the storm.  He will lead you out of the storm.  He will never be silent when you need Him, but will quiet you with His love.

May both the silence and the storms of this week allow you to see the love of your Savior even more.

Enjoying this special week with you,

Pastor Schumann