(Philippians 2:8 NIV) “And (Jesus) being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death – even death on a cross!”

The concept of a god dying is a foreign concept to many people’s minds.  God’s aren’t supposed to suffer or die.  God’s are supposed to be all powerful, rule over their subjects with an iron fist, and when they rebel against them they are supposed to squash them like little ants.  Many people think that a god can do anything that he or she wants but the one thing a god does not do is willingly die.  For a god to do that would be foolishness.

But that is exactly what Jesus did for you.  Jesus is 100% true man. Jesus was born of a woman just like you, he hungered, thirsted, felt, cried, and got tired like you.  He was 100% human.  But underneath his flesh and blood he was different than you because he was also 100% true God.  Jesus’ flesh and blood hid his deity from the world.  Jesus is the Son of God.  Jesus is God!  And what did the Son of God do?  He humbled himself by coming from a perfect heaven into this sinful world to talk with us humans, to walk with us humans, to teach us humans, to be mocked by us, to be beaten by us, and to be put to death by us!  Jesus willingly became obedient to death.  He willingly went to the cross!  God willingly let himself be put to death.

Why?  Because a man could not save the world.   If only a man would have died on that cross, even if that man had never sinned in his life, he would only save himself.  The only way that sinful mankind could be saved from their sins would be if God came to this earth, kept the law perfectly, and then suffered the punishment that we deserved.   Only God has the power to save all mankind.

But logically, a god would never do that for his people.  Logically, a god would say, “It’s their own fault!  I am not going to die for a people who has rebelled against me.”  But that is where the one true God is different.  The one true God loved you so much that he was willing to send his Son to die for you.  And starting tomorrow we see that this is exactly what Jesus did for you.  Jesus willingly allowed himself to whipped, beaten, mocked, ridiculed, and finally nailed to a tree so that he could save you from your sins.

Wow!  Jesus, true God, humbled himself so much that he became human for you, and not only that but he served you by dying for you on the cross!  That is true love!  And so this week as you see Jesus willingly hanging on that cross, see the love he has for you as he takes your place on that cross, and rejoice that as you see him rise from the grave three days later he has won for you eternal life!

Humbled that Jesus would humble himself for me just like he did for you,

Pastor Schumann