(Luke 24:7b, 33,34 NIV) 7b They (the disciples) stood still, their faces downcast… 33They got up and returned at once to Jerusalem.  There they found the Eleven and those with them, assembled together 34and saying, “It is true!  The lord has risen and has appeared to Simon.”

Read the whole story of the Emmaus disciples and you will find there is a big difference in attitude from beginning to end. In verse seven as the disciples walk along they are downcast, but in verse 33 they excitedly jump up and travel seven miles back to Jerusalem.

What was it that brought such a change?  What was it that could turn their mood from sadness to immediate joy?

As the two disciples walked along their heads were downcast because they thought the man whom they believed was the Savior was dead.  But as they walked along, a traveler joined them.  This traveler was the risen Lord Jesus whose identity had been hidden from them.  And as they continued to walk together Jesus revealed to them that the man they thought was dead was really alive! The disciples’ hearts burned within them as Jesus revealed to them what He had done through the prophecies written about Him in Scripture.  At first the disciples thought their Savior was silenced by death, but as they walked to Emmaus Jesus revealed to them from the Scriptures that the opposite was true.  And as their journey came to an end Jesus graciously allowed His identity to be revealed and the disciples saw their risen Savior.

Immediately the sadness in their hearts disappeared and in the place of sadness their hearts were filled with excitement, peace, joy, and comfort because their Savior was alive!  The disciples’ greatest fear of spiritual death was now gone.  Their future was now certain.  No matter what happened on this earth they knew they would go to be with Jesus in heaven one day.  Why?  Because He had risen!

You too have that same joy.  There is no need for you to be downcast or your heart to be filled with doubt.  Why?  Because your Savior lives!  His resurrection gives you the confidence you need in your life to face anything.  Nothing in this world – no hardship, no person, not even Satan can take away the joy of what Jesus has done for you!  Why?  Because in Jesus your future is certain!  No matter what happens here on this earth heaven awaits!  And that message will always bring comfort, peace, joy, and excitement to your heart!

And so just as those disciples walked back from Emmaus to Jerusalem with a pep in their step, you too can walk with pep in your step all the days of your life because Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!

Thankful for the certain future of heaven through Jesus just like you,

Pastor Schumann