(Psalm 23:1 NIV) “The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want…”

Psalm 23 starts like this, “The LORD is my shepherd.”

Notice that it doesn’t say, “The LORD is my boss.”  Certainly he is our King and the Ruler of all.  But he doesn’t want you to see him as a taskmaster that you must appease.

Notice that it doesn’t say, “The LORD is my buddy.”  Certainly Jesus is our friend.  But typically our “buddies” are people who, in some way, have about as much power, wisdom or influence as we have.  That’s not the case with the LORD.  He is the one, true, Almighty God, above us and all in power and majesty.

Notice that it doesn’t say, “The LORD is my bodyguard.”  Bodyguards protect, but at a price.  It is their job.  The LORD doesn’t watch over you to gain anything in return.

Psalm 23 says, “The LORD is my shepherd.”  What does that mean?  It means he takes your life into his hands and cares for you.  It means he will protect you and preserve you with a greater power than you can ever produce on your own.   It means he will lead the way when you have no idea which way to go.  It means that he won’t watch you from afar but rather walk with you every day.  And he will do all of this not because he has to.  Not because you convince him to with your goodness.  He does it all because he has decided to love you unconditionally with a love that will never end.

The LORD is your shepherd.  You will be just fine.

Cared for by Him just like you,

Pastor Schumann