(Luke 24:50 NIV ‘84) “When he (Jesus) had led them out to the vicinity of Bethany, he lifted up his hands and blessed them.”

Jesus was moments away from ascending into heaven.  This would be the last sight of Him His disciples would see.  We might expect the disciples to be devastated and sad. 

But what a joyful sight this was for them.  As Jesus ascended into heaven He lifted up His hands.  And as the disciples looked at His hands they would have seen the marks where the nails pierced His hands.  They would be reminded of the amazing love Jesus showed to them on the cross as He paid for their sins and the world’s.

Even though Jesus was leaving the disciples here on this earth those hands gave to them, peace, comfort, joy, happiness, etc., because they knew Jesus would always be with them as He would now rule all things for their good in heaven!

Rejoicing in Jesus’ ascension as He rules all things for our good, just like He did for His disciples,

Pastor Schumann