(Mark 8:35 NIV) “…Jesus called the Twelve and said, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.”

Nobody likes to lose.  Nobody likes to finish last.  There is no glory in finishing last, there is no recognition and there is no trophy.  Last place stinks… in the world’s eyes.

But in God’s eyes last place is right where He wants us to finish.  In God’s eyes last place gets the recognition, last place is filled with glory and last place is cool!  Why?  Because when you finish last, when you serve others and when you put other’s needs and concerns above your own, you are following God’s word and your Savior’s example.

Jesus, in the world’s eyes could have finished first in everything.  He could have been the richest man on earth, He could have been the most powerful and the best at everything.  But the greatest man who ever walked this earth, came to serve not be served.  He used His power, His wisdom, His majesty, not to gain fortunes on this earth but to gain souls for heaven.  He made Himself the very last, the worst of sinners, by taking your sin upon Himself and nailing them to a cross so that you could be first.  Jesus died the death you deserved so that you would not have too!   By finishing last Jesus crushed the devil’s head and actually finished first!

And so as you start and finish your day try to finish last.  Why?  Not because it earns your way to heaven but because Jesus loved you so much that He served you!  Serve one another and put the needs of other’s above your own.  And even though the world may not give you glory, fame or recognition, know that your Father in Heaven is smiling on you with His approval waiting to give you your first place gift when you go to see Him in heaven because of Jesus!

Striving to finish last so that I can finish first in Christ, just like you,

Pastor Schumann