Devotion:  (Luke 16:29) “Abraham replied, `They have Moses and the Prophets; let them listen to them.`”


Abraham’s words were first spoken to the rich man who had gone to hell.  The rich man had taken no time for the Word while he was on earth.  Because of that, he was an unbeliever, and he went to hell.  Wow!  What a tragedy! 


How do I make sure a similar fate doesn’t overtake me?  The answer is simple: “Keep the book open.”  Be into the Word of God!


Why so?  It is the Word of God which works faith in a person’s heart.  It is the Word of God which convinces us that Jesus is our Savior from sin.  Through the Word, God gives us blessing after blessing.  It is in the Word of God we hear that eternal life in heaven is ours – free of charge – because of Jesus!


And so keep the book open!  Wipe the dust off of your Bible and listen to the beautiful message your God has for you in His Word! 


Thankful for THE BOOK, just like you,


Pastor Schumann