(Malachi 4:1a NIV) “Surely the day is coming…”

Who knew that five simple words could be so terrifying?  These five words that Malachi writes are speaking of Judgment Day.  And for the unbeliever these words have to be terrifying to hear. What sad words these are for the person who lives for the “here” on this earth and not the “hereafter” in heaven.  The day is coming where they will stand in front of their Maker and there will be nothing that can save them.  No money, no possession, no family member, and no good deed will be able to buy or earn their way into a perfect God’s heaven.  The phrase, “Surely the day is coming” brings absolutely no comfort to the unbeliever.

But to the believer these words are not filled with fear, dread and sadness but they are filled with comfort and hope!  These words for the believer give something to look forward too!  These words give hope when things are going poorly as you can think, “Surely the day is coming! I will not live in this pain forever.” Or, “Surely the day is coming!  I will not have to deal with family strife forever.”  Or, “Surely the day is coming! I will not be poor forever, I will not be alone forever, I will not be….”  “Surely the day is coming!”

And the day is coming!  Jesus will come to this earth for a second time in all of His glory and He will come to take you, who trust in Him for your salvation, to be with Him forever in eternity.  He will come to take you from this world of pain and sin to a heaven which is perfect, where there is no more pain, suffering, loneliness, sadness, etc!  The day is coming when Jesus will make you perfect because of what He did for you on the cross!

And so when life seems to get you down, when troubles hit you hard, do not despair but remember that “the day is coming” that glorious day when Jesus will come to take you from this sin filled earth to His perfect heaven.  And it is as we remember that the “day is coming” that we are able to deal with our hardships here on this earth with joy in our hearts because we know that one day the day is coming when Jesus will take us to be with Him forever!

Eagerly awaiting that “last day,” just like you,

Pastor Schumann