(Revelation 19:9 NIV)  “Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!” 

Perspective is a wonderful thing.  But isn’t it hard to keep things in perspective?  I think at times  most of us probably struggle with that, with keeping things in perspective.

Eternity is perhaps the ultimate “perspectivizer” (Yes, that is a made up wordJ)  for us.  This life can be tough.  Jobs come … and go.  Health is good … and bad.  Bills get paid … and pile up again.  People come … and go.  It can fill us with stress, worry, etc.

But then God reminds us of eternity.  “I’ve invited you to spend all eternity with Me.  You get to come to heaven because My Son Jesus died and rose for you.  Your sins are forgiven, and you’re going to heaven.”

And all of a sudden the health worry doesn’t seem quite so worrisome, the bills aren’t quite as pressing, the passage of time isn’t quite so stressing.  After all, we’re on the way to life eternal!  Surely our gracious God will guide us to that heavenly home!  That helps me to keep it all in perspective.

Thankful for God’s eternal perspective, just like you,

Pastor Schumann