(1 Corinthians 7:29a,31b NIV) What I mean, brothers, is that the time is short… For this world in its present form is passing away. 

Perhaps your week is going great.  Maybe, for some reason, everything has fallen right in place for you.  Work is going well, your family is getting along, you find you have more money than you thought so you are able to buy some new “toys,” the doctor said your health is good, and so on… everything in your life seems to be going flawlessly.  And if this is the way your week has been going, I am happy for you.  I rejoice with you! It seems as if these weeks are always to few and far between.

But maybe your week hasn’t gone so well.  You or someone in your family has gotten sick, you lost your job and can’t find a new one, finances are tight, work is wearing you down, you need more sleep, you are stressed, and so on.  And if this is how your week is going, I feel for you.  I have been there before.  It is no fun, it’s tough, and you just want the week to end.

But no matter if your week has been going great or not so good Paul reminds you that your time here on this earth is short and that this world in its present form is passing away.  Paul reminds you of this fact because no matter how your life is going he wants to keep you focused on what is most important.  And what is most important is not your finances, your family, your health, or your possessions.  But what is most important is your relationship with your Savior Jesus.  Paul wants you to always be focused on Jesus and what your Savior has done for you because it is through Him where you are given everlasting peace, everlasting joy, and everlasting comfort.  These things will not fade away like the things of this world but what Jesus has done for you will last for an eternity!  And so Paul urges you to keep Jesus first in your life no matter if life is good or not so good right now because when your short time here on this earth is over Paul wants you to enjoy that everlasting life in heaven which Jesus has won for you!

Putting Jesus above all else in my life just like you are,

Pastor Schumann