(Matthew 4:19) “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

“Let’s go fishing!”  I can remember my Dad whispering those words into my ear as a kid at 4:30 in the morning.  And let’s just say many times I did not hop out of bed excited and ready to go.  I would be tired and the sun wouldn’t even be up yet.  It would be warm in my bed and cold outside.  And at 4:30 in the morning the possibility of catching nothing seemed to outweigh the possibility of catching a monster.  And so many times I would roll over and go back to sleep and Dad would have to come in again and say, “Come on!  Let’s go fishing!!!!”

Well, Jesus says the same thing to you.  He says, “Let’s go fishing!” Jesus has called you to be fishers of men.  He wants you to go and to share the good news of what He has done for the world with all people!

Yet, many times we don’t want to go fishing.  Many times we want to be lazy, many times we are too “tired” to share our faith, and the possibility of getting rejected or ridiculed seems to far outweigh the chances of someone actually listening to us.  So we “roll over” and go back to “sleep.” 


But daily Jesus comes and wakes us up through His word and says, “Come on!  Let’s go fishing!!!”  And as we are reminded, through His Word, of what Jesus has done for us we find ourselves eager to go out into the world, we find ourselves excited to open our mouths and share the good news, and we find ourselves motivated to follow Jesus. 


And so, “Let’s go fishing!”  Let’s be fishers of men and never tire of sharing that wonderful news of Jesus!


Glad to be going fishing, just like you,


Pastor Schumann