(1 Corinthians 1:23) “but we preach Christ crucified…”

The message of the Bible is incredibly deep, with many things which go beyond our understanding.  For example, how can God be three, yet be one?  How can Jesus—who is truly God—die? Those thoughts go beyond our comprehension! Our God is great!

But the central message of the Bible is wonderfully simple: you have a God who loves you dearly.  How much?  So much that He died on the cross to pay for your sins!

Ultimately, what else do we need to know?  If God loves us, that changes everything!  It changes the way I look at life, it changes the way I look at death.  It changes my approach to life’s stresses and difficulties, it changes the way I look at other people.  My thoughts on all those things are impacted by this simple truth: God loves me!

And when I wonder about it?  I simply go back to the cross.  For there, at the cross, God’s love for me is clear!

Thankful for God’s saving love, just like you

Pastor Schumann