(Romans 6:11) “Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.”


Well, how is the devil scheming against you this week?  Is it by direct attacks (trying to tempt you into sexual immorality, stealing, lying, etc.)?  Maybe it is with more subtle attacks (trying to keep you from reading the Bible, skipping church, doubting God’s love for you, etc.)?  No matter how the attack comes it is an attack on your faith, an attack on your eternal life.


Which is why God urges you to “put on the full armor of God!”  Why because God wants you to be protected from the devil’s schemes!


And just how does God do that for you?  He leads you into the Word.  As you read the Word, God is reminding you that He is always with you, He is reminding you that heaven is your home, He is reminding you of the forgiveness won for you.  When the devil attacks – those truths defend you, protect you, and keep you safe.  Those truths are the armor of God!


And so put on the full armor of God every day!  Stay in God’s Word!  And take your stand against the devil with Jesus at your side!


Putting on the full armor of God, just like you,


Pastor Schumann